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Private Property on Mallorca

The importance of property is deeply rooted in Mallorca, as more than 90% of
the island is privately owned and this is a problem when hiking in the
Majorcan mountains. But why is that?

This is mainly due to the distribution of King Jaume I of Aragon among the
Aragonese and Catalan feudal nobles who helped with their troops to
recapture the island of Mallorca in 1.229 AD. Apparently the property was
expropriated by the Muslims who lived on the island of Mallorca.

Among the beneficiaries were the feudal lords: Nunyo Sans, Berenguer de
Palou, Hug IV d’Empúries, Gastó de Bearn and the Templar orders, which
accounted for 50% of the island, and 50% of the remaining owners
corresponded to King James I, the conqueror .

In the following generations, these lands were divided into parcels between
the heirs of the noble families and have been sold up to the present day
while respecting private property rights. With the exception of some goods
that both the Balearic Government, the Consell de Mallorca and the
municipalities could get back through the right of first refusal.

For this reason, you must always ask for permission to cross one of these
private estates, close the gates, do not light a fire to avoid fires, and do
not take any free dogs with you to protect the lives of the animals that
live on these private properties and not disturb them.