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of our clients

Dear Josep,

Thank you for hiking with only the 2 of us as a private guide - it was a lovely day!!! We will book you again for sure!

LucyJune 2022

Hi Joseph,
I have learned many curiosities about Mallorca during these days... I really enjoyed our hike !
After looking at the pictures we are a lucky people to enjoy this part of the world...Thank you Joseph !

PamMay 2022

A wonderfull week with a great man... I hope to see you soon !
Thanks !!!

Robert C.July 2019

I will recommend you this guy... It´s a great cook & mountain guide !

Gabriel L.May 2019

I will never forget these days hiking with you... Thaaaaaank you Joseph !

ChristyApril 2019

Thanks for this wonderful day, we have enjoyed this great hiking with you. See
you soon !

DianaJune 2019

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